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Metaclass Defiler
Locked Yes
Starting Life 120
Life Rating +1
Stat Modifiers
Strength +4
Dexterity +1
Constitution 0
Magic +4
Willpower 0
Cunning 0

Reaver is a class introduced in the base game. It must be unlocked by killing 1000 humanoids (this is counted over the course of multiple games). This unlock is linked to the Reaver achievement, and so it cannot be unlocked on Easier mode, which lacks achievements.

Locked Description

Reap thee the souls of thine enemies, and the powers of darkness shall enter thy flesh.


Reavers are terrible foes, charging their enemies with a weapon in each hand.

They can harness the blight of evil, infecting their foes with terrible contagious diseases while crushing their skulls with devastating combat techniques.

Their most important stats are: Strength and Magic

Starting Equipment

  • Iron Waraxe
  • Iron Waraxe
  • Rough Leather Armor

Starting Talents

Talent Categories

Type Name Mastery Locked Talents
Corruption Sanguisuge 1.0 No Drain Bloodcasting Absorb Life Life Tap
Corruption Vim 1.0 No Soul Rot Vimsense Leech Dark portal
Corruption Bone 1.3 No Bone Spear Bone Grab Bone Nova Bone Shield
Corruption Plague 1.3 No Virulent Disease Cyst Burst Catalepsy Epidemic
Corruption Scourge 1.3 No Rend Ruin Acid Strike Dark Surprise
Corruption Reaving Combat 1.3 No Corrupted Strength Bloodlust Carrier Acid Blood
Corruption Rot 1.3 Yes Infestation Worm Walk Pestilent Blight Worm Rot
Type Name Mastery Locked Talents
Technique Combat Training 1.3 No Thick Skin Heavy Armour Training Light Armour Training
Combat Accuracy Weapons Mastery Dagger Mastery
Corruption Torment 1.3 No Willful Tormenter Blood Lock Overkill Blood Vengeance
Cunning Survival 1.0 Yes Heightened Senses Device Mastery Track Danger Sense
Corruption Hexes 1.3 Yes Pacification Hex Burning Hex Empathic Hex Domination Hex
Corruption Curses 1.3 Yes Curse of Defenselessness Curse of Impotence Curse of Death Curse of Vulnerability
Corruption Vile Life 1.0 Yes Blood Splash Elemental Discord Healing Inversion Vile Transplant


Classes with a non-white background need to be unlocked or may have other requirements
Warrior Rogue Mage Afflicted Defiler Celestial Wilder Chronomancer Psionic Adventurer Tinker Demented
Bulwark Rogue Alchemist Cursed Reaver Anorithil Summoner Paradox Mage Mindslayer Adventurer Sawbutcher Writhing One
Berserker Shadowblade Archmage Doomed Corruptor Sun Paladin Wyrmic Temporal Warden Solipsist Wanderer Gunslinger Cultist of Entropy
Archer Marauder Necromancer Doombringer Stone Warden Possessor Psyshot
Arcane Blade Skirmisher Demonologist Oozemancer Annihilator