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Based on the old Goon Zone order progression guide, this guide is meant for newer users who need advice about which order to complete different zones. It is not true for all situations and all classes, and experienced players can choose to skip some zones or move the order about.

If you've got a suggestion for different zone order, please write it up on the talk page for discussion.

Also, this page is not for strategy about the individual zones; please put that on the actual zone's page. To keep this page from becoming cluttered, please limit commentary and notes to those applying to decisions about zones.

Main Campaign

Starting Game to Level 10

Players in the early game are fragile and easily killed, due to low life, lack of talents, and poor gear. In early zones players should be quick to use escape options and willing to flee from enemies.

  1. Starting zone(s) for your race/class, if any. If it's a difficult zone (AKA, a zone towards the end of this list), consider leaving it if you can and going to Trollmire.
  2. Trollmire, level 1 to 3. Confident players can try level 4 and Bill.
  3. The Tier 1 zones can be done in any order, but for least danger, the suggested order is:
    1. Norgos Lair
    2. Heart of the Gloom
    3. Scintillating Caves
    4. Rhaloren Camp
  4. Derth (Talk to the Shady Man in the North for quest The agent of the arena)
  5. Trollmire 4 if you haven't done it already
  6. Ruins of Kor'Pul

Note: Some players suggest you do Ruins of Kor'Pul before Rhaloren Camp.

Level 10 to Level 20

  1. Lumberjack Village (at any time at or over Level 10)
  2. Unknown Tunnels (occurs any time over Level 6. Can only be entered once. Unique reward at the end.)
  3. The 'Tier 2' zones can also be done in various order, but for max survivability:
    1. Old Forest - don't descend into Lake of Nur
    2. The Maze
    3. Sandworm Lair
    4. Daikara
  4. Hidden Compound (optional)
  5. Ruined Halfling Complex (optional, but contains a unique benefit at the end, for non-Halflings)
  6. Temporal Rift (optional and very dangerous for melees, after finishing Daikara)
  7. Lake of Nur (Reached through Old Forest)

Level 20 to Level 30

The order at this level starts to become more fluid. You can do these zones in any order, but gaining levels before going into Dreadfell will be helpful for the battle with The Master.

  1. Ruined Dungeon (optional, but good loot in the Vault. Can be very dangerous.)
  2. Dogroth Caldera, if it spawns.
  3. Old Conclave Vault (optional - unlockable for Ogre)
  4. Dreadfell (You can save vaults for later)
  5. Golem Graveyard - optional; real purpose is in postgame
  6. Tempest Peak (optional, and Urkis is quite deadly)
  7. Dark Crypt (optional, level 24 or greater, only spawns once. Very dangerous, especially for melee classes, but leads to achievements and some Unlockables)
  8. Last Hope Graveyard - open all of the individual graves first, and be prepared to run.
  9. Reknor
  10. Mark of the Spellblaze (optional - new players may wish to wait until returning from the Far East)

Level 30 to Level 40

At this point you should be in the Far East.

  1. Unremarkable Cave
  2. Ardhungol (talk to the wife in Gates of Morning)
  3. Temple of Creation - wander around near the coast to find this: Appears on world map as Entrance to an Underwater Cave. Warning: It's entirely underwater and does not have air bubbles.
  4. Backdoor to Vor Armoury (NOT Vor Pride)
  5. Go back to town to get the location of Briagh's Lair, then finish it.
  6. Go back east and fight Backup Guardians in Trollmire (level 2), Kor'Pul (level 3), Reknor (level 4), Scintillating Caves (level 3), The Maze (level 2), Dreadfell (level 1), Daikara (level 4), Sandworm Lair (level 1), and Old Forest (level 3). Sandworm Lair first for the Wyrm Bile. Dwarves get an extra boss in The Deep Bellow (level 3).
  7. Ancient Elven Ruins (optional, and very dangerous)
  8. Sludgenest - if it spawns. This is fairly dangerous zone, but leads to an Unlockable.
  9. Tannen's Quest (Ask around Last Hope to unlock this)
  10. Shadow Crypt (optional)

Level 40 to Level 50

  1. Valley of the Moon, if you get the quest, optional
  2. The Orc Prides. The order is somewhat variable, depending on your class. A rough order is as follows:
    1. Gorbat Pride
    2. Grushnak Pride
    3. Vor Pride
    4. Rak'Shor Pride
  3. Eruan can be done at any time after you are told about it
  4. Slime Tunnels
  5. High Peak

Optional After Winning the Game

  1. Vor Armoury vault
  2. Return to Golem Graveyard.
  3. Kill All Wizards.