Recommended Zone Order Progression

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Written up by MiltonSlavemasta, post is at

1. Trollmire 1->3

2. Norgos' Lair

3. Derth (Talk to the Shady Man in the North)

4. Heart of the Gloom

5. Ruins of Kor'Pul

6. Trollmire 4

7. Scintillating Caves

8. Rhaloren Camp

9. Golem Graveyard

10. The Maze (If Alt Maze, Do 1-3 and come back later)

11. Old Forest (If Alt Old Forest, come back after Sandworm or Daikara)

12. Sandworm Lair

13. Daikara

14. Hidden Compound

15. Ruined Halfling Complex

  • You can wander around up north to meet the Merchant

16. Lake of Nur (Reached through Old Forest)

17. Tempest Peak

18. Ruined Dungeon

19. You can try Mark of the Spellblaze if you want, I save it until after Dreadfell

20. Dreadfell (You can save vaults for later, I usually open them all)

  • At level 24, you can hear screams and enter into Dark Crypt

21. Mark of the Spellblaze if you didn't do it yet

22. Reknor

23. Finish the place where you teleport, go to the town to get the Spider quest from a lady in the mid-north

24. [[Ardhungol ]]

25. Temple of Creation (Wander around near the coast to find this)

26. Backdoor to Vor Armoury (NOT Vor Pride)

27. Go back to town to get the location of Briagh's Lair, then finish it.

28. Go back east and fight backup guardians in Trollmire, Kor'Pul, Reknor, Scintillating Caves, The Maze, Dreadfell, Daikara, Sandworm Lair, and Old Forest. Dwarves get an extra one in The Deep Bellow.

29. Elven ruins.

30. Tannen's Quest (Ask around Last Hope to unlock this)

31. Gorbat Pride

32. Grushnak Pride

33. Eruan

34. Vor Pride

35. Rak'Shor Pride

36. Slime Tunnels

37. High Peak


38. Return to Golem Graveyard.

39. Kill All Wizards.