Ruined Halfling Complex

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Ruined halfling complex
Guardian Subject Z
Floors 4
Level Range 10 to 25
Item Level Range 2 to 2
Size 50x50
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

The Ruined Halfling Complex is an optional zone in the central region of Maj'Eyal, at the head of the river west of Zigur.

The first level has an open layout with hollow buildings. The other levels have a dungeon layout, with darkened corridors connecting lit(?) rooms. All levels are inhabited by medium-strength undead (primarily ghouls, skeletons and skeleton mages).

The boss is Subject Z, who appears in a predefined room in the southern part of the fourth level. He is accompanied by a Yeek Wayist, and the player's arrival triggers a fight between them. Once you defeat Subject Z, several outcomes are possible depending on your race:

  • If you are a Yeek, you may speak to the Wayist and unlock Mindslayers.
  • If you are a Halfling, the Wayist will become hostile and you will be forced to fight him.
  • If you are not a Halfling, you may speak to the Wayist to unlock Yeeks and receive a bonus to your mental saves.
  • If you are an Undead race, the Wayist will be hostile to you until you wear your Cloak of Deception.

Subject Z initially targets the Wayist, and can kill him in melee within a couple of rounds. Keeping the Wayist alive is quite challenging because of this. Subject Z has many Shadowblade talents and a very good Defense. His physical defense is low however, so physical talents with knockback effects can help separate him from the Wayist and buy valuable time.

(One strategy for defeating Subject Z, which some may consider an abuse of game mechanics, is to use the Rod of Recall as soon as you arrive on this level. This sets Subject Z's level to approximately yours. Return after you've gained a bunch of levels, and he'll still be low-level.)

It's possible to find Director Hompalan on level 3. After defeating him, you can pick up a note revealing the location of Old Conclave Vault. He has 100% chance to show up if you are a Shalore, 30% chance otherwise.

Zone Specific Artifacts