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Guardian Nikolas, the Dwarven Paddlestriker
Floors 3
Level Range 12 to 35
Item Level Range 1 to 5
Size 40x40
Zone Effect none

The Santascape is a yearly online event zone. Around Christmas, every 10 minutes, the server will spawn the zone for users who are currently online (with a notification).

The Rod of Recall cannot be used to escape this zone. There are portals instead of down stairs, and no up stairs, so once the player travels to the next floor, they cannot return to a previous floor. The zone has no exit initially, but an exit portal appears after defeating the guardian.

There are natural forest-type traps in this zone, such as sliding rock traps and poison vine traps.

The first level is inhabited by shivgoroths.

The second level is inhabited by shivgoroths and snowmen. The snowmen cannot move, but they will pull the player to them with their Special Snowflake talent.

The third level has a fixed layout. It contains Nikolas, the Dwarven Paddlestriker in the middle, as well as 9 snowmen. When Nikolas dies, the exit portal appears, and his snowmen disappear (along with any other character on the level who isn't part of the player's party). Then two elves (one red and one green) will appear, who were captured by Nikolas but freed when the player killed him. They will thank the player by each giving them an artifact as a reward. The player will receive the achievement Merry wintertide! for freeing the little helper elves. Nikolas always drops the Axe of Fluffy Evil, which is not a weapon, but can be equipped in the tool slot and used to summon a clockwork gnome that explodes after 5 turns. The explosion does not harm friendly characters.

The player will receive the achievement Santassacre! if they kill both little helper elves after freeing them.

Zone Specific Artifacts