Scintillating Caves

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Scintillating Caves
Guardian Spellblaze Crystal, Spellblaze Simulacrum
Floors 3 (regular) or 5 (alternate)
Level Range 1 to 7
Item Level Range 1 to 1
(after back from Far East) 3 to 4
Size 50x50 (regular) or 30x30 (alternate)
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

The Scintillating Caves is a first-tier zone in the southwestern forest of Maj'Eyal, near Elvala, and it is the starting zone for the Shaloren.

The normal layout is a cavern of crystals 3 levels deep, with many widely open rounded chambers. It is fully lit and inhabited by spellcasting crystals, and animals. There is also an alternate layout composed of many small square rooms that is 5 levels deep. Many rooms can be inaccessible unless one digs through the crystal walls in this alternative layout.

The standard boss is the Spellblaze Crystal, a spellcasting crystal, that appears anywhere on the last level for both the normal and alternate layouts.

Although this is technically a first-tier zone, it is one of the most dangerous starting zones, especially for classes without significant ranged attacks or mobility. The crystals have hard hitting ranged attacks and their immobility prevents players from luring them into ambushes around corners.

After returning from the Far East, the backup guardian is the Spellblaze Simulacrum. Shockingly, this is a spellcasting crystal.