Scourged Pits

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Forbidden Cults Version: 1.0.12
Scourged Pits
Guardian Kroltar the Scourge
Floors 3
Level Range 20 to 40
Item Level Range 1 to 2
Size 50x50
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

The Scourged Pits is a zone added to the Age of Ascendancy campaign in the Forbidden Cults expansion. It appears on the eastern coast of Maj’Eyal (northeast of Last Hope) at character level 20, but not in all games.

In each game, only one out of Dogroth Caldera, the Sludgenest, the Old Conclave Vault, and the Scourged Pits will appear. This is chosen randomly, unless you are a Drem and have not yet unlocked the Scourge Drake talent tree for Wyrmics, in which case this zone will always be chosen. You will “smell a blighted perfume for a moment” when the zone spawns.

Warning: If the player restarts the same character after death, or overwrites an existing character with a new one, none of these optional zones will spawn.

All three levels use the Blightspawn “tentacle forest” tileset and are populated with scourge hatchlings, drakes, and wyrms.

On the first floor, tentacle trees that form the walls may randomly come alive as enemies using talents from the Tentacles talent category. This notably includes Constrict, which will pull the player into melee range, and makes them more vulnerable to other attacks in the talent category. Awoken tentacle trees are immobile, so the player can use area attacks to take them out from around corners. Hiding behind cover will also break the Constrict effect.

Kroltar the Scourge is found on Level 3 and must be defeated to unlock the Scourge Drake talent tree for Wyrmics.