Shadow Crypt

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Shadow Crypt
Boss Rak'Shor Cultist
Floors 3
Level Range 34 to 45
Item Level Range 4 to 5
Size 50x50
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

The Shadow crypt is a randomly placed zone in the Far East. It has three levels, with the final level being a boss arena where you will face off against a Rak'Shor corruptor. This battle can be challenging to unprepared players, since the boss will summon a clone of the player a few turns into the battle.

The summoned clone will be named "Doomed Shade of (player name)". It is a hostile mob that is an exact copy of the player, with extra talents from the Doomed class, but does 40% less damage. The copy will equip what it thinks are the best items from your inventory, so you cannot fool it just by equipping bad gear before the fight.

One useful tip for winning this battle is to simply be aware that the clone will spawn, and to not use your most powerful talents that may have long cooldowns at the beginning of the battle. Using these talents only after the clone has spawned will make the battle much easier. In particular, talents with area of effects should be conserved until the clone spawns to maximize their impact.

Defeating the clone will unlock the Doomed class and grant the Clone War achievement, as well as making the exit stairs appear. If you are a Yeek, the shade will be friendly, and it will fight together with you against the Rak'Shor Cultist, and it will be called "Wayist Shade of (player name)".

The zone is populated by orc blood mages, orc necromancers, orc corruptors, and enemies called "shade of (x)" which are identical to the normal enemy, except that they:

  • can phase through walls
  • are undead
  • do not breathe
  • are 100% immune to stoning, confusion, fear, teleportation, diseases, poison, cuts, stuns
  • have 80 see-invisible power
  • have halved max life, but 20% resist all
  • can sense the player within 6 radius
  • gain 25 Willpower
  • lose a quarter of their talents at random
  • gain 3 random talents from the following list:
Summon (1) (summons 1 shade)
Willful Strike (5)
Reproach (5)
Feed Strengths (4)
Feed Power (4)

The base enemy types for shades are random animals, humanoids, or giants.

Only orc blood mages, necromancers, and corruptors may be rank rare or higher; all other enemies that would otherwise be ranked rare or higher still drop loot associated with that rank, but are not actually ranked rare or higher.