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Location Level range
Temple of Creation 44
Towering Naga (complete this)
Base Statistics
Strength Dexterity Constitution Magic Willpower Cunning
78 54 55 54 14 44
Stat Progress
  • Has +50% cold penetration
  • 67% resist cold, 30-40% resist fire, acid, darkness, 15-20% resist all
  • 100% Confusion, Teleport resist
  • 0 Armor, 13 defense
  • Strong physical save
  • 111 damage
  • Talents: Arcane Reconstruction, Blinding Speed, Combat Accuracy, Freeze
Ice Shards, Ice Storm, Mind Disruption, Perfect Strike, Ripotste
Shield Expertise, Shield Pummel, Spit Posion, Tidal Wave
Uttercold, Water Bolt, Weapons Mastery, Infusion/Rune x5