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Humanoid naga slasul.png
Game Version: 1.7.3
Location Level range
Temple of Creation 30+
This towering Naga exudes power, and radiates a certain charismatic charm as well.

His masculine face stares at you with great intensity, and you struggle to meet his gaze.

His torso is bare apart from an exquisite pearl set directly in his chest

and in his muscular arms he holds ready a heavy mace and shield.

You sense there is more to him also, as if the very power of the ocean were concentrated in this great creature

and that the wrath of it may come flooding out at any moment.

Base Statistics
Strength Dexterity Constitution Magic Willpower Cunning
25 10 50 50 10 40
Stat Progress
str++ dex+
Combat Accuracy (6-10)
Weapons Mastery (6-10)
Shield Expertise (6-10)
Shield Pummel (6-10)
Riposte (5)
Blinding Speed (5-10)
Perfect Strike (5)

Spit Poison (5-10)

Heal (6-10)
Uttercold (5-10)
Ice Shards (4-10)
Freeze (4-10)
Tidal Wave (4-10)
Ice Storm (5-10)
Water Bolt (6-10)

I Can Carry The World (1)
Massive Blow (1)
Draconic Will (1)
Draconic Body (1)
Arcane Might (1)
Corrupted Shell (1)
4 random infusions
Manasurge rune
  • Life: 2519 +
  • 170% global speed
  • 60% resist cold, 20% resist acid
  • 100% Confusion, Teleport, Instadeath resist
  • 25 spell save, 25 mental save, 30 physical save
  • Can breathe water.
  • Has random high quality non-arcane-disrupting mace, shield, and heavy armor equipped
  • Has Eldritch Pearl equipped (if it already generated, a random non-arcane-disrupting lite instead)

Slasul is a Naga leader, and guardian of the Temple of Creation. Ukllmswwik the Wise sends you to kill him, but he will try to persuade you to turn on Ukllmswwik and kill them instead. Being a Parasite forces you to kill him. If you have taken the Legacy of the Naloren prodigy (which requires killing Ukllmswwik and not killing Slasul yet), you can talk to him and share your lifeforce with him (with the practical effect being that he becomes invulnerable, and no downside to you), and in return he gives you the Legacy of the Naloren artifact trident. Defeating him gives the achievement Destroyer of the creation. Taking the Legacy of the Naloren prodigy and then killing him (requiring that you forgo the artifact trident) gives the achievement Treacherous Bastard.



  • His mace, shield, heavy armor, and Eldritch Pearl
  • 5 random high quality items
  • Lore: personal note (Slasul)