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Source Diving is not a cool new talent. It is the process of opening up the game files for ToME in order to get exactly details on how the game works.

Why do you want to source dive? It's the best way for us to add missing information to the wiki. We have a huge backlog of missing information or out-dated information on artifacts, bosses, zones and talents. Source diving is also not very hard.

Getting Started

In order to source dive you're going to need a copy of the game, so if you haven't already, go over to and download it. You can also use the game you already have; you aren't going to break anything.

Next, you need to uncompress the game files. ToME's master files end with ".team". The one we care about is "", where x.y.z is your version number. For example, Once you've located that file:

  1. Copy the file to (yeah, .zip)
  2. Use WinZip or WinRar or whatever the hell you want, and unzip the whole thing

See, wasn't that easy?

Finding What You Need

Now you should have two directories, 'data' and 'mod'. Ignore 'mod'. Depending on what you're looking for, here's where to go looking:

  • Info on artifacts: Look in data/general/objects
  • Info on guardians: Look in data/zones (and then the subdirectory for the zone of the guardian)
  • Info on talents: Look in data/talents (and then subdirectory for talent category)

The info you're looking for are in the .lua files. For artifacts, this is fairly straightforward, since the files usually have 'artifact' in their name. For npcs, look in npc.lua in the directory of the zone where the boss lives. For talents, you have to drill down to the right Category Type first, and then open the .lua file associated with the talents. For example, Archery talents live under 'Technique'.

Understanding The Information

This is the harder part.