Spacetime mastery (talent)

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Spacetime mastery
Spacetime mastery.png
Game Version -
Category Type Chronomancy
Category Spacetime Weaving
Requirements Level (12,13,14,15,16) Wil (36,38,40,42,44)
Use Mode Passive
Cost -
Range -
Cooldown -
Travel Speed -
Use Speed -
Description Your mastery of spacetime reduces the cooldown of Banish, Dimensional Step, Swap, and Temporal Wake by 1–5cTL:8L, and the cooldown of Wormhole by 2–10cTL:16L. Also improves your Spellpower for purposes of hitting targets with chronomancy effects that may cause continuum destabilization (Banish, Time Skip, etc.), as well as your chance of overcoming continuum destabilization, by 15–50%cTL:100%L.