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There are many stores found in the game, usually inside towns. Stores sell almost all types of equip-able items. Each store is of a certain type (ie. jewelry, swords, light armor), which will determine the inventory that it stocks for sale.

The material tier for store inventory is restricted to a level range which is set for each town. For example, a town with a material tier of 2-3 will only have tier 2 or tier 3 items in their stores; unless the store is restocked when you reach a particular goal.

Stores will also buy any item you choose to sell. This is a leftover from the earlier versions in which it was harder to unlock the Transmogrification Chest. There's usually no real point to selling an item to a store; the Transmogrification Chest will give the same amount of gold as the store; AND will give energy to the Sher'Tul Fortress once you have unlocked the fortress. However, the Transmogrification Chest will give a maximum of 25 gold per item transmogrified, whereas there a few stores that have a higher maximum payment for sold items: the lost merchant's shop in Last Hope, and Kaltor's Shop, will buy for a maximum of 35 gold, and gem stores (in Derth, Irkkk, the Iron Council, and Point Zero) will buy for a maximum of 30 gold. Therefore, it is theoretically optimal to sell certain expensive items to those shops instead of transmogrifying them, if the fortress energy does not matter.

Stores in the Main Campaign

Stores acquire new inventory as you level up:

  • New items up to Tier 2 at level 10
  • New items up to Tier 3 at level 20
  • New items up to Tier 4 at level 30
  • New items at levels 40 and 50

In addition to the standard inventory for each store type, there are a few special features in certain stores:

Incomplete table of stores by item type

Item Type Locations
Infusions Derth, Shatur (Tier 1-2), Last Hope, Zigur (Tier 1-3)
Runes Elvala (Tier 1-2), Last Hope, Angolwen (Tier 1-3)
Torques Shatur (Tier 1-2), Zigur (Tier 1-3)
Wands Angolwen (Tier 1-3)
Swords, Axes, and/or Maces Derth, Shatur, Elvala (Tier 1-2), Last Hope, Zigur (Tier 1-3)
Bows, Slings, and Ammo Derth, Shatur (tier 1-2), Last Hope, Zigur (Tier 1-3)
Staves Elvala (Tier 1-2), Angolwen (Tier 1-3)
Mindstars Shatur (tier 1-2), Zigur (Tier 1-3)
Lites Derth (Tier 1)
Picks Derth (Tier 1-2)
Rings & Amulets Angolwen (Tier 1-3)
Light Armor Derth, Elvala, Shatur (Tier 1-2), Last Hope, Zigur (Tier 1-3)
Heavy Armor & Shields Derth, Shatur (Tier 1-2), Last Hope, Zigur (Tier 1-3)
Gems Derth

Stores in Embers of Rage

In addition to the town stores in Embers of Rage, certain zones have Ancient Automated Archives which are portable vending machines. These can be reprogrammed to go to other places. The Embers campaign also has one special zone which is a special store: Kaltor's Shop.