Storming the city

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As you approached Derth you saw a huge dark cloud over the small town.

This quest is triggered upon the character reaching level 14 and then re-entering the world map. If you somehow do not enter the world map before reaching level 23 (after reaching level 14), then the quest will not be triggered.

Saving Derth

The town of Derth will show dark storm clouds over the tile on the world map. Upon entering the town, you will receive a notice about hearing screaming. The town is infested with a number of Gwelgoroth (Air Elementals). The elementals can use long-range lightning attacks, so you'll want high speed, lightning resistance, or high damage.

Upon the death of the last elemental, a townsman will thank you for saving the town and request assistance in removing the remainder of the storm clouds. You have two options:

If you go through Angolwen, you'll be teleported straight to Tempest Peak. If you go through Zigur, you'll be shown where it is on the world map, and you can walk there.

Assault on Tempest Peak

In either case, the culprit is revealed as Urkis, the High Tempest, whom you must go and defeat. His zone is appropriately called Tempest Peak. (A Tempest is an Archmage with Storm magic. At one point Tempest was a separate class, but now it is simply an option for building an Archmage.) After defeating Urkis, talk to Linaniil or Protector Myssil to complete the quest.

Defeating Urkis grants the Eye of the storm achievement. Additionally, completing the quest in Angolwen rewards you with the Rune of Dissipation. Completing it in Zigur grants the Antimagic Adept talent, which upgrades your Mana Clash, and grants the Fungus category (+0.1 mastery if it was unlocked, unlock it if it was locked, reveal it as locked at mastery level 1.0 if it was hidden). Additionally, completing the quest in Zigur while having Trapping unlocked rewards you with knowledge of the Purging Trap, whereas completing the quest via Angolwen and then returning to Derth rewards you with knowledge of the Beam Trap.