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Need to clean this up, the formatting from the original ToME wiki looks pretty gross here.

As Canderel is saying, permadeath probably shouldnt have it's own page. Maybe group the Campaigns Difficulty and Permadeath should all be grouped up in a page called basic/game info, and just link to that one instead, so there wont be so many small topics. --Sebsebeleb (talk) 13:01, 6 June 2013 (CEST)

Naming Conventions

Suggested use for naming, from Naming Conventions (plural):

Convention: In general only create page titles that are in the singular, unless that term is always in a plural form in English (such as scissors) or is among the exceptions such as those listed below.

Let's say you were writing a page about crayons. Should you call the page crayons, which is basically what the page is about, or crayon, which makes it easier to link to from passages like "Harold took out his purple crayon and drew the curtains"? Probably the latter.

One can still write crayons (which the software is smart enough to render as crayons), but if the page is called crayons, then whenever one wants to use the term in the singular, one is forced into creating a piped link—the ungainly crayon, or creating a redirect (see below).