Technomancer(class evolution) (talent)

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Technomancer(Class Evolution)
Game Version 1.6.1
Category Type Prodigies
Category Magic
Requirements unlocked technomancer(class evolution), Magic 50, Cunning 25
Use Mode Passive
Cost -
Range -
Cooldown -
Travel Speed -
Use Speed -
Description Technomancers are Archmages that dabble in steam technology to enhance their already formidable arsenal of spells.
  • Once this class evolution is taken, you gain the
  • Arcane Dynamo tinker schematic
  • Physics category (unlocked)
  • Chemistry category (locked)
  • An Automated Portable Extractor (A.P.E.)
  • One point in physics/Smith, two in physics/Mechanical and 2 in physics/Electricity
  • spell/Galvanic Technomancy category (locked) - deals with fire and lightning
  • spell/Terrene Technomancy category (locked) - deals with earth and water
  • spell/Occult Technomancy category (locked) - deals with time and arcane
  • The ability to unlock one of the three Technomancy categories for free
  • Once put in a robe, the Arcane Dynamo will regenerate Steam each time mana is spent and increase Spellpower based on current steam level.
  • As soon as this evolution is used you will need to craft the Arcane Dynamo to place in a robe to benefit from all the powers of the Technomancer.