Tempest Peak

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Tempest Peak
Guardian Urkis, the High Tempest
Floors 2
Level Range 15 to 22
Item Level Range 2 to 3
Size 70x70
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

Tempest Peak is one of the highest peaks in the Daikara mountains. This zone is the destination for the Storming the city quest, and it can only be reached once the player has eliminated the elementals who were attacking Derth.

This zone can be reached through the mages of Angolwen or the hunters of Zigur. In Angolwen, Linaniil can teleport the player to Tempest Peak. If entered this way, Tempest Peak will have no exit to the world map, so the Rod of Recall must be used to exit. In Zigur, Protector Myssil can reveal a secret entrance to Tempest Peak on the world map. If the player leaves the zone, they can still return the same way they originally arrived: by speaking to Linaniil and being teleported, or by using the secret entrance. Once the player has defeated Urkis, the High Tempest, if they receive the reward from Linaniil in Angolwen, Linaniil will no longer offer to teleport the player to Tempest Peak, so the zone can no longer be revisited that way. In contrast, if the secret entrance to Tempest Peak was revealed, it will remain permanently available, even after receiving a reward in Zigur.

Bring plenty of Lightning and stun resistance. Also be prepared to deal with a hard-hitting spellcaster, accompanied by monsters similar to those of Daikara.


  • The secret entrance to Tempest Peak is described as being a long road, and a message box describes the player taking many hours to walk the road. This is reflected in the game mechanics, with the turn counter being incremented by 5 hours any time the player enters or exits Tempest Peak via this road.