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This template is used to denote talent parameters that scale by the combatTalentWeaponDamage function.

The template accepts up to three parameters, corresponding to those in the LUA code: base, max, and t2. It is assumed that these parameters will be fed to the template in the order specified above.

The first two parameters of this template are required, and the third one is optional.

Basic Example

The LUA code for the damage of Stunning Blow calls for

self:combatTalentWeaponDamage(t, 1, 1.5)

which should be entered into the wiki as


and will produce the following text


Note that any percentage signs must be inserted manually with the parameters.

Additional Parameters

Parameter 3 of this template is left to enter any value for t2. Since t2 appearing in the superscript might be a bit confusing, consider explaining its effects directly in a talent's description instead.