Temporal Rift

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Temporal Rift
Guardian Chronolith Twin, Chronolith Clone
Floors 4
Level Range 16 to 30
Item Level Range 2 to 3
Size 60x25
Zone Effect Out of Time Zone

You seem to be outside the normal spacetime continuum. +10% physical resistance, -10% temporal resistance and -20% teleport resistance.

On first level only: Zero Gravity

There is no gravity here; you float in the air. Movement is three times as slow, and any melee or archery blows have a chance to knockback. Maximum encumbrance is greatly increased.

Zone Information

The temporal rift is an optional zone accessed via a portal on the third level of The Daikara.

The temporal rift is split into several zones. The first is a zero gravity zone filled with telugoraths (time elementals). The difficulty with this level is that movement is 3 times as slow, so try not to move when an enemy sees you, otherwise they will get in 3 free attacks. Telugoraths are magic users and will cast spells. The telugoraths can try to "swap places" with you, and leave you confused. The enemy themselves aren't difficult if you fight them 1 on 1. Fortunately, your vision extends extremely far and is not inhibited by the walls here, so you know where all the enemies are around you.

For melee users, you need a way to quickly close the distance (move runes, rush), or at least stay behind a corner and wait for them to come to you. For magic users or archers, just stand still and shoot at what you can. As long as you remember not to move, then you should be able to beat it fairly easily.

Once you travel through the portal from the first level to the second, you will receive the quest Back and Back and Back To The Future. The portal from the Daikara to the Temporal Rift cannot be reentered after you receive this quest, so after finishing this zone, or escaping with the Rod of Recall, you cannot return.

The second level is based on the Lumberjack Village. Here, you will face a couple horror/temporal monsters, along with a corrupted version of Ben Cruthdar.

The third level looks like Daikara. Here, you will face more horror/temporal monsters, and a corrupted version of Rantha the Worm.

The fourth level is the Lake of Nur (1st level, where you are above the lake and not underwater). Here you will fight the Chronolith Twin and Chronolith Clone (chronomancy magic users), which are the final bosses of the zone. After defeating them, you will receive The Rune of the Rift. In addition, you will unlock the Temporal Warden class, if you haven't already done so. The exit portal will appear after defeating them. This takes you to the up stairs on the third level of the Daikara, instead of taking you to the temporal rift entrance portal.

Zone Specific Artifacts