The Beast Within

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This quest is granted randomly while walking in the area north of Last Hope and south of the forest. The player will be approached by a villager asking for help and revealing the Lumberjack Village to the north. After the town is entered Ben Cruthdar, the Cursed (out of sight) will begin slaying lumberjacks. Stopping him before he slays any lumberjacks is difficult and requires at least some luck generally; teleports or movement infusions can assist.

Completing this quest will unlock the Cursed class and grant the 'Curse Lifter' achievement. The surviving lumberjacks will reward you with up to 24 gold, minus 1.2 gold for each that was slain. If less than 7 lumberjacks are slain a random ego pickaxe will also be given. If all lumberjacks survive the achievement 'Fast Curse Dispel' is granted.

Quest Goals