The Slumbering Caves

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Embers of Rage Version: 1.1.10
Slumbering Caves
Boss Sher'Tul High Priest
Floors 5
Level Range 55 to 88
Item Level Range 5 to 5
Size 80x80
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

Once you enter this zone you can not use the Rod of Recall until the Guardian is defeated!

This is the final zone of the Embers of Rage campaign. It can be accessed from the last floor of the Palace of Fumes.

The top four levels consist of long tunnels of rock, arranged in the shape of concentric polygons.

The bottom level is Amakthel's Prison which has the final campaign boss, the Sher'Tul High Priest. The primary damage type in this battle is darkness. As the boss's health drops below 90%, 70%, and 35%, he will awaken Amakthel's Mouth, Hand, and Eye respectively. Each time a body part is awoken, the boss will receive a full heal and several new talents to use.

Notable talents include:

  • Feed: can easily turn the player's health regeneration substantially negative.
  • Burning Hex: can increase talent cooldowns enormously and must be cleansed immediately.
  • Disintegration: can remove the player's sustained talents.

The body parts of Amakthel can summon the following tentacles to harass the player:

During the battle, if the player is further than 15 tiles away from the Mouth or out of its sight, the Mouth will forcibly teleport both the player and priest back to its vicinity. There is no method to stop this teleportation. There are also strength debuffs that will be applied during this battle, which can immobilize players if this results in them exceeding their encumbrance limit.

Amakthel's body parts all start with around 1 billion life and 100% resist all, so it is not practical to kill them. The player is advised to focus their attention on quickly defeating the summoned tentacles and dealing damage to the boss. The body parts will become inactive once the boss is slain.

There is a small area to the east of the Hand that will allow the player to remain within sight of the Mouth, while avoiding any direct attacks from the Hand and the Eye. It can be helpful to engage the boss in this area.

After defeating the Sher'Tul High Priest, you can use the Rod of Recall, but only on the final floor.