There and back again

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In order to get back to Maj'Eyal from the Far East, you will need to find the Blood-Runed Athame and a Resonating Diamond, then return them to Zemekkys in Gates of Morning. Zemekkys also wants to be paid 100 gold.

The Blood-Runed Athame can be found in Vor Armoury, and the Resonating Diamond is found in Briagh's Lair. Vor Armoury only appears on the world map once you talk to Zemekkys and accept the quest. Briagh's Lair only appears on the world map once you return to Zemekkys with the Blood-Runed Athame.

Upon returning these items to Zemekkys, he will create a farportal which will give you a one-way trip back to Maj'Eyal, leaving you next to Last Hope.

This will lead into the next quest to make another farportal back to the Far East, Back and there again. Note that two-way travel is possible even without completing the next quest, because the farportal in Reknor is still usable.