Thread walk (talent)

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Thread Walk
Thread walk.png
Game Version 1.4.5
Category Type Chronomancy
Category Threaded Combat
Requirements Level (10,11,12,13,14) Magic (22,24,26,28,30)
Use Mode Activated
Cost 10 Paradox
Range Melee/Personal
Cooldown 10
Travel Speed Instantaneous
Use Speed -
Description Attack with your bow or dual-weapons for 100–150%cTWD damage. If you shoot an arrow you'll teleport near the target location. If you use your dual-weapons you'll teleport up to your bow's range away.

Additionally you now go Out of Phase for five turns after any teleport, gaining [10]25cTStD:Mag defense and [5]15%cTStD:Mag resist all.

The Out of Phase bonuses will scale with your Magic stat.