Ukruk the Fierce

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Ukruk the Fierce
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Location Level range
[[In zone::Ambush outside Dreadfell]] 53
This ugly orc looks really nasty and vicious. He is obviously looking for something and bears and unknown symbols on his shield.
Base Statistics
Strength Dexterity Constitution Magic Willpower Cunning
82 57 16 6 10 10
Stat Progress
Combat stats:

20% resistance to All
40% resistance to Cold
60% resistance to Temporal
100% immunity to Instadeath, Blind, Stun/Freeze

Ukruk appears in the Ambush after leaving Dreadfell as part of the quest A mysterious staff. Defeating Ukruk will earn you the Against All Odds achievement. Ukruk will often drop an artifact; and will always drop his logbook as lore.