Unleashed mind (talent)

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Unleashed Mind
Unleashed mind.png
Game Version 1.5.10
Category Type Psionic
Category Psychic blows
Requirements Level (8,9,10,11,12) Willpower (28,30,32,34,36)
Use Mode Actived
Cost 19 Psi
Range Melee/Personal
Cooldown 13
Travel Speed Instantaneous
Use Speed Mind
Description You concentrate your powerful psionic powers on your weapon and briefly unleash your fury. All foes in radius 3–6cTS will take a melee attack dealing 100–190%cTWD weapon damage as mind damage. Any psionic clones in the radius will have its remaining time extended by 5–10cTS turns.

If you do not have a two handed weapon equiped, but have it in your off set, you instantly automatically switch.