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Warning: this page contains spoilers.
This page may contain information that you might not want revealed. Read at your own risk.

What is unlockable and how to unlock them

Below is a list of things that are unlockable in ToME 4 and how to unlock them.

Those who wish to unlock all classes and races (including several 'unreleased' ones) immediately may do so by downloading zizzo's Ignore Race/Class Locks addon and adding it to their /Game/Addons folder: http://te4.org/games/addons/tome/ignore-raceclass-locks



  • Sun Paladin (Celestial meta class)
    • Complete the quest "Eight legs of wonder" which starts in the Gates of Morning in the Far East.
  • Reaver (Corruptor meta class)
    • Kill 1,000 humanoids (counts over multiple games).
  • Cursed (Afflicted meta class)
    • Complete the quest "The beast within" which starts on the world map north of Last Hope.
  • Temporal Warden (Chronomancer meta class)
    • Complete the quest "Back and Back and Back to the Future" which starts in Daikara.
  • Paradox Mage (Chronomancer meta class)
    • Get killed by your future self in Daikara, playing as a Temporal Warden.
      • Note: if you you just press '5' and wait for your future self to win the fight you will miss out on an artifact bow that goes well with Temporal Warden. You can bring your future self down to half health, defeat the optional boss and then get defeated by your future self if you want said artifact bow.
  • Marauder (Rogue meta class)
    • Do over 600 damage in one hit as a Rogue or Shadowblade. Counts only for individual components of damage, not total damage.
  • Stone Warden (Wilder meta class)
    • Be a donator (and be online when starting the game). This class must be played as a Dwarf.
  • Adventurer (bonus class)
    • Complete the "Maj'Eyal: the Age of Ascendancy" campaign.

Talent Trees

  • Wildfire (for Archmage class)
    • Inflict over 1,000,000 fire damage, having already unlocked Archmages. It counts all damage done by the player, whatever the source -- spells, weapons, etc. -- and it counts over multiple games. Alternative unlock: find and read the Tome of Wildfire.
  • Ice (for Archmage and Necromancer classes)
    • Inflict over 1,000,000 cold damage, having already unlocked Archmages. It counts all damage done by the player, over multiple games.
  • Storm (for Archmage class)
    • Complete the quest "Storming the city" which starts at level 14 in Derth and terminates on Tempest Peak.
  • Poisons (for [Rogue] and [Marauder] classes)
    • Side with the Assassin Lord in the "Trapped!" quest in the Unknown Tunnels.


  • Infinite Dungeon: The Neverending Descent
  • The Arena: Challenge of the Master
    • Complete the quest "The agent of the arena" which starts in Derth.


  • Transmogrification Chest
    • After picking up the chest, each new character will start with such a chest.


  • Zigur Betrayal
    • Read the signpost at the entrance to Zigur to enable all new qualifying characters (i.e. those without runes or magic talents) to betray escorts to Zigur.
  • Redhead cosmetic option
    • Save Melinda in the Dark Crypt to unlock the redhead birth option for humans, elves, halflings and dwarves. You must be a donator to use this option once unlocked.