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I'm mail and i play easy exploration mode here are some of my countless guides and also my tier list

btw ill be adding guides here as i win with the classes on easy exploration mode stay tuned

My Tier List & Class Guides

Tier S

  • Corruptor: really op needs a nerf cuz its so op
  • Archer: also rlly op cuz u 1-shot from range 19
  • Paradox Mage: chad version of Archmage
  • Archmage: dont play this it sux worst class in the game but its tier s because it's really op
  • Brawler: grapple everything and win if you lose with this its rlly super unlucky so play it if you want to win

Tier A

  • Sawbutcher: good class but it has a shitty early game since steam generators never spawn on AoA auto wins at lvl 20 though so its epic

Useful Guides

  • there are none yet bc my zone order guide was undone ;(