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The following notes based on the character below:

Gulreth: Orc Gunslinger (normal/adventure) Embers of Rage

This is my first Embers of Rage character. Just wanted to poke around the new (to me) campaign and get some unlocks. There were several old guides on gunslingers online, but it seems like many talents have been changed through recent patches.

General Impression: Embers of Rage

  • Loot is a bit sparse in the EoR campaign. Not being able to get a wand of clairvoyance anywhere early on was a direct cause to my first death.
  • Final boss battle in EoR was epic.
  • The new system to unlock generics through the Mystery of the Yetis quest is very nice, and relieves a lot of anxiety induced by escorts in the main campaign.
  • EoR campaign really doles out the generic unlocks generously. This makes Adept even better too.

General Impression: Gunslinger

  • Gunslinger was pretty fun to play, with many interesting and consequential choices to make in battle. Even the talents that looked like duds at first saw some situational use.
  • All the shooting talents will hit twice when dual wielding steamguns, so Double Shots is actually two shots with two guns, for four total hits.
  • Gunslingers do not care about fatigue, so it's worth aiming for Power Armor
  • The Adept prodigy really saves a ton of points from the tinkering trees.

Class Talents

  • Gunner Training
  • Gunslinging
  • Bullets Mastery: This category seems to get overlooked a lot, but there are good uses for every bullet type. The duration and cooldowns also work out in such a way that you need to invest in several bullet types in order to maintain the buff during long battles (e.g. final boss).
    • [5] Overheat Bullets: use this for highest total damage on single targets
    • [2] Supercharge Bullets: allows bullets to pass through enemies, helpful if you can get your targets to line up in a corridor, does not need too many points since enemies rarely stay lined up for long
    • [5] Percussive Bullets: turn this on against high threat melee attackers to keep them stunned and knocked back
    • [5] Combustive Bullets: higher burst burst damage than Overheat Bullets, works great with Trick Shot to clear dense clusters of enemies, as the AoE damage can trigger twice on every target hit
  • Avoidance
  • Elusiveness
  • Automation

Generic Talents


  • Adept: great on any character being played for the first time, especially where there aren't any two-prodigy combos worth pursuing
  • Vital Shot: pretty basic pickup on any ranged weapon user, that damage and debuffs are just great

Deaths and Threats

  • Died once on the 3rd level of Ritch Hive due to unfamiliarity with map setup. Was digging through the sand carefully at first, but could not find anything at all. Got impatient and just held down the movement key and let my character zoom across the map. Promptly ran into a cavern of monsters and was obliterated before I could even lift my fingers of the keypad. For whatever reason, the lost life warning I was counting on did not trigger and lock out inputs to the game. Returned to clear the area after finally locating a wand of clairvoyance in an AAA.
  • Other than the final boss, the hardest fight was actually against a random Whitehoof Sun Paladin rare in Krimbul Territory. The Sun Paladin talents gave it big melee damage, and allowed it to heal quickly if left alone for any amount of time, while its racial death momentum mechanic made it nearly impossible to maintain distance. It took multiple engagements, and the rare healing up to full in between, before I managed to land several CCs in a row to finally finish it off in one go.