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There are x stats related to vison, that determine whetever you can see a certain tile or actor:

  • Vision Range
  • Light Radius
  • Infravision
  • See stealth
  • See invisibility
  • Telepathy

Also, terrain may have 3 different states that will affect what you may or may not see.

A tile may be:

  • Lit: These tiles are lit by the sun, or through magically field, and do not hinder your sight.
  • Unlit: You may not see these tiles unless your lite reaches to it (determined by your light radius)
  • Covered in magical darkness: Regular light will not pierce this darkness, and you will need to banish it, or walk blindly in it

Similiarily, there are several stats that help you hide from your enemies:

  • Stealth
  • Invisibility
  • Blindness

(more info needed)

Vision Range

This is how far you can see. You will never be able to see anything further away than this. For most actors, this has a value of 10.

Light Radius


Effects on Combat

Talents related to vision

Heightened_senses_(talent) Overseer_of_nations_(talent)