Worm rot (talent)

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Worm Rot
Worm rot.png
Game Version 1.5.10
Category Type Corruption
Category Rot
Requirements Level (22,23,24,25,26) Magic (46,48,50,52,54)
Use Mode Activated
Cost 10 Vim
Range 6
Cooldown 8
Travel Speed 600% of base
Use Speed Spell
Description Infects the target with parasitic carrion worm larvae for 5 turns. Each turn the disease will remove a beneficial physical effect and deal [10]55cTSpD/2 acid and [10]55cTSpD/2 blight damage.

If not cleared after five turns it will inflict [10]150cTSpD blight damage as the larvae hatch, removing the effect but spawning a full grown carrion worm mass near the target's location. You can never have more than 5 worms active from any source at a time. The damage dealt will increase with your Spellpower.