Writhing One

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Writhing One

Writhing one 128 bg.png

Metaclass Demented
Locked No
Starting Life  ?
Life Rating 3
Stat Modifiers
Strength +3
Dexterity 0
Constitution +3
Magic 0
Willpower 0
Cunning 0


The thirst for knowledge is seen by most arcane users as as good thing. But some take it too far, some dwelve in lost knowledge. They may gain huge power from it, but at what cost?

Writhing Ones know that what we call horrors hold the key to some ancient knowledge and power from the Age of Haze and they are ready to do anything to access it. In their lust for power they somehow lost a part of themselves, turning more and more into the horrors they study. Most of them forgo an entire arm to turn it into a deadly tentacle. Some are even known to never leave their sanctuary without their own worm that walks friend. Their most important stats are: Strength and Magic

Starting Equipment

Starting Talents

Talent Categories

Type Name Mastery Locked Talents
Demented Solipsism 1.3 No Mutated Hand Lash Out Tendrils Eruption Constrict
Demented Path of Horror 1.3 No Carrion Feet Horrific Evolution Overgrowth Writhing One
Demented Horrific Body 1.3 No Shed Skin Pustulent Growth Pustulent Fulmination Defiled Blood
Demented Disfigured Dace 1.3 No Diseased Tongue Dissolved Face Writhing Hairs Glimpse of True Horror
Demented Friend of the Worm 1.3 Yes Worm that Walks Foul Convergence Shared Insanity Terrible Sight
Demented Controlled Horrors 1.3 No Decayed Devourers Decayed Bloated Horror Horrific Display Call of Amakthel
Demented Slow Death 1.3 Yes Digest Painful Agony WInner Tentacles Consume Whole
Type Name Mastery Locked Talents
Techniques Combat Training 1.0 No Thick Skin Armour Training Combat Accuracy Weapons Mastery
Cunning Survival 1.2 No Heightened Senses Device Mastery Track Danger Sense
Demented Beyond Sanity 1.3 No Chaos Orbs Anarchic Walk Disjointed Mind Controlled Chaos


See Demented Strategy Guides.

You can also see the Possessor general notes, but they may be out of date.


Classes with a non-white background need to be unlocked or may have other requirements
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Bulwark Rogue Alchemist Cursed Reaver Anorithil Summoner Paradox Mage Mindslayer Adventurer Sawbutcher Writhing One
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