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Warning: this page contains spoilers.
This page may contain information that you might not want revealed. Read at your own risk.

Zones are places you can go, containing NPCs (monsters) and items. They are usually entered by traveling to a specific point on the wilderness map. They contain one or more levels (maps) connected to each other by stairs.

Items left on the ground of a level may vanish when you leave that level. There are two exceptions: anything in a vault, or in the storage chamber of the Sher'Tul Fortress, will be kept safely.

The denizens and objects in a zone scale to your level when you enter the zone, subject to a minimum (floor) and maximum (ceiling) as indicated in the table below.

Items in a town's stores are generated using fixed character/power levels at specific points in the game (character creation, death of The Master, and completion of the Charred Scar).

A common trick for some of the tougher zones is to enter them early in order to set the level scaling to a low value, run away, and come back later when you're higher level (or otherwise stronger).

The world of Eyal has two (known) continents: Maj'Eyal (West) and Tar'Eyal (East). Most players begin on the continent of Maj'Eyal. Tar'Eyal ("the Far East") becomes accessible from the end of Reknor.

Min level Max level Zone name Notes
Maj'Eyal: Towns
1 15 Derth
1 15 Elvala
1 15 Irkkk Yeek only
1 15 Iron Council Dwarves only
1 15 Point Zero Temporal Warden and Paradox Mage only (not Dwarf, Yeek or Undead)
1 15 Shatur
8 14 Lumberjack Village Triggered by encounter north of Last Hope
15 35 Last Hope
15 50 Zigur Non-magic characters only
20 50 Angolwen Triggered by novice mage (southwest of Derth)
Maj'Eyal: Tier 1 (starter) zones
1 5 Abashed Expanse Human/elven/halfling Archmage only
1 5 The Deep Bellow Dwarves only, in Iron Council
1 5 Escape from Reknor Dwarves only
1 5 Heart of the Gloom
1 5 Ruins of Kor'Pul
1 5 Murgol's Lair Yeek only
1 5 Norgos' Lair
1 5 Rhaloren Camp
1 5 Ritches Tunnels Yeek only
1 5 Scintillating Caves
1 5 Slazish Fens Human/elven Anorithil/Sun Paladin only, in Gates of Morning
1 5 Trollmire
1 5 Unhallowed Morass Temporal Warden/Paradox Mage only
1 8 Blighted Ruins Skeleton/Ghoul only
Maj'Eyal: Tier 2 zones
7 16 Daikara
7 16 The Maze
7 16 Old Forest
7 16 Sandworm Lair
Maj'Eyal: Randomly placed zones
8 18 Unknown Tunnels Triggered by encounter; must be level 6 or higher.
10 25 Hidden Compound (Ring of Blood)
10 30 Ruined Dungeon
14 20 Golem Graveyard
25 35 Dark Crypt Triggered by encounter; must be level 24+.
25 35 Mark of the Spellblaze
33 42 Ancient Elven Ruins
Maj'Eyal: Other zones
5 12 The Arena (unlock area) Triggered by shady cornac (Derth)
10 25 Ruined Halfling Complex
15 22 Tempest Peak Triggered by Linaniil (Angolwen) or Protector Myssil (Zigur), after saving Derth
15 25 Lake of Nur Reached from Old Forest level 4.
15 25 Tranquil Meadow Cursed class only
15 26 Dreadfell
15 35 Last Hope Graveyard Triggered by Ungrol (Last Hope)
15  ?? Bearscape Triggered by Developer
16 30 Temporal Rift In Daikara level 3
16 30 Paradox Plane Same place as Temporal Rift, Temporal Wardens only
18 25 Sher'Tul Fortress At the end of Lake Nur
18 35 Reknor Triggered by Elder (Last Hope)
25 35 Dogroth Caldera Triggered by event at level 20+ in some games only
20 50 Ambush Triggered by defeating The Master (Dreadfell)
35 45 Tannen's Tower Triggered by Tannen (Last Hope)
35 45 Ruins of Telmur Triggered by Tannen (Last Hope)
35 45 Fearscape (Tannen) Triggered by item from Tannen (Last Hope)
35 45 Sludgenest Trigger at level 30+ some games only. Always triggers for Thalore.
Far East: Towns
33 50 Gates of Morning
Far East: Orc prides
30 60 Rak'Shor Pride Triggered by Aeryn (Gates of Morning)
35 60 Gorbat Pride Triggered by Aeryn (Gates of Morning)
35 60 Grushnak Pride Triggered by Aeryn (Gates of Morning)
35 60 Vor Pride Triggered by Aeryn (Gates of Morning)
Far East: Randomly placed zones
30 40 Flooded Cave In water
30 60 Orc Breeding Pits
34 45 Shadow Crypt
Far East: Other zones
25 32 Ardhungol Triggered by Melnela (Gates of Morning)
25 35 Unremarkable Cave
30 40 Temple of Creation At end of Flooded Cave
30 40 Valley of the Moon Caverns Triggered by Ancient Tome (random drop) + Limmir (Gates of Morning)
30 45 Eruan Triggered by defeating an orc pride
30 50 Charred Scar At end of Eruan
35 45 Valley of the Moon Triggered by Limmur (Gates of Morning)
35 50 Briagh's Lair Triggered by Zemekkys (Gates of Morning)
35 50 Vor Armoury Triggered by Zemekkys (Gates of Morning)
Far East zones: Endgame
45 55 Slime Tunnels At end of Grushnak Pride
55 80 High Peak At end of Slime Tunnels
Other game modes
1 1 Tutorial
1 1 Infinite Dungeon In Ruined Dungeon
1 50 The Arena In Derth
Miscellaneous zones
1 1 Eidolon Plane Teleport to upon death (Adventure & Exploration difficulties)
1 100 Fearscape Teleport to upon use of talent "Fearscape"

Not real zones: 1 1 wilderness 1 50 test

Not used currently: 25 30 illusory-castle 100 100 void