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This is a very simple build, quite straightforward. Very Heavy on sustains. You need to always stay high on lvls so dont go to dreadfall until 25 or so. Survival from 20 to 35 isnt easy. Race of course is Higher (human)

Stat allocation

Magic until 30, then magic/ con until con at 40 : at 40 + items you should be able to 5/5 thick skin , then max magic / wisdom to 20(30) then cunning.

End game:

  • magic 60
  • will 40
  • con 40
  • cunning 40

... and 29 points to spare (suggestions where to put them?)

Class Talents

Spell/ Arcane

You will 20/20 this

  • Arcane Power 5/5 Early
  • Arcane Thrust 5/5 Earliest: your main damage spell
  • Arcane vortex 5/5 in your 20s 1/5 in your teens? explosion effect is important in strategy
  • Disruption shield 5/5 one point early and dont max it until late game.

Spell/ Aether

You will 20/20 this but start with

  • Aether Beam 5/5': learn how to use it, be patient and let it spin, where to place it so it doesn't kill you and does the most damage is critical for some tough bosses. CAN BE PLACED IN WALLS.
  • Aether breach 5/5 is an ability I dont like. It can do massive dmg but the 1 turn in between explosions makes it imho too slow and the fact that it can sometimes explode in the wrong place (area where it can explode and area of effect aren't the same, area effect is smaller) makes it annoying, still for the orc ambush for example it is VERY powerful.
  • Aether avatar 5/5 is the tricky one: You need to learn to play it to become really powerful with this mage, the key is to prepare: use your mana infusion BEFORE it, then usually heal (meaning SHIELD)+ aegis THEN use aether avatar. 1 point to get to pure aether and 5/5 very late game. Try it Alone to find how limited you are when ur using it. Items ARE usable:
  • Pure aether 5/5 when you have some time, only important when bosses start to get very high resistance : NEED 5 to use Aegis while Aether Avatar is active.


  • Disperse magic: 1/5 early, 5/5 very late.
  • Spellcraft 5/5 quite important to use spells next to you max before orc ambush
  • Quicken Spells 5/5 as soon as possible.
  • Metaflow 0/5 doesnt get you above lvl 5 and since ur maxing everything all lvls are above 5


1,1,1,5 Ur here for Essence of Speed (250mana sustain). I havent found any feedback on congeal time or time shield so im not sure about them, with aegis you can get bonus to several shields. Not sure how many high lvl enemies are susceptible to congeal time

Last but not least: Flame: ?/5 It will help you a lot early game: you can cheat around a bit and put points on and off so with one point you can max it and recover 4 points.. you have to remember everytime you lvl up...

Unused points: 6

Generic Talents

This is a bit tricky since there are many important things. Surviving is most important but you wont have enough mana to use all the sustains until quite late.

Race Higher

1,1,5,1 (0) Ur here for born into magic

Combat training

  • 5/5 thick skin and 1 for armour ONLY when you get something wortwhile (and the one wortwhile object is Dakthun gaunlets)

Spell / Conveyance

  • phase door 1/5
  • teleport 1/5
  • Displacement shield ?/5 i usually 0 because i always forget to use it
  • Probability travel: 0/5

Spell / Divination

  • Arcane eye: 1/5
  • Keen senses 5/5 : this build needs crits
  • Vision: ?/ 5
  • Premonition: ?/5 Really not sure about this

Spell / Aegis

5/5/5/2 or ? Ok if u want to live u need to turn this sustains on: Healing `+ getting a shield + making shields strong is a MUST

  • Arcane reconstruction : early 2 points maxed by lvl 40
  • Shielding: Early 2 points maxed in 30s (+1 turn)
  • Arcane shield: 2 points before 20.
  • Aegis: 1 point until 30s . 2/5 in 40s Max or not i cant say for sure

Unused generic points: 6 not sure where: max aegis? premonition? displacement shield?


  • Most important GET HEALING LIGHT: can crit and heal ALL ur life: no mana cost and cooldown is 8.
  • Chant of light: tons of saves
  • Magic, magic, magic, magic, magic if not then wis cun or cons

Brotherhood Alchemists

(from most important to least)

  1. +4% spell crit
  2. +3 mag+3wis
  3. +2 category points
  4. +3 str +3 con
  5. +5 luck


  1. Aether permeation : It was meant for you... get it asap
  2.  ????? Eye of the tiger or elemental surge... i cant decide, need help

Important Items

  • Vestments of the Conclave: +17 arcane dmg + 17 % crit, +9cun +9 magic... YOU NEED THIS. tier 2 becomes a tier 5 item when YOU wear it. Suggest starting over without it.
  • Lost staff of Archmage Tarelion: lots of cool staff but specially +12 mana on crit meaning you loose a lot less mana when you get close to 100% crit chance.
  • Early game: Hat of Arcane Understanding + Staff of Arcane Supremacy: BIG bonus to all things of urs, the staff -1 cool down to mana thrust... very cool and together they also give +100mana...
  • Void orb: Megaawesome ring : extra manathrust to fire....
  • Spellblaze Echos (amulet): +15 spellpower everytime you crit so (almost always) +45 to spell power....
  • Dakthun Gauntlets: +10% crit chance, +50% crit damage
  • Aetherwalk (boots): +arcane resistance cap is VERY important for you and extra phase door you can use when in aether avatar is also quite important.

Anybody know items that increase arcane resistance cap?


  • Heal
  • Shield or heroism (depending on what you found)
  • Manasurge (if your hat has manasurge maybe wild: physical)

Some Notes

  • Abuse healing light for a free shield with low cooldown
  • You die very fast in mid game, try to always keep shields up
  • Against small tight groups vortex to start, if you blow it up it has small aoe

Sustains: Arcane power (50) , Pure aether (50) , Spellcraft (70) , Quicken Spells (80), Essence of speed (250), Keen senses (40) , Shielding (40) , Arcane Shield (50), Chant of light .: 630 MANA