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ToME Version: 1.4.9

Ring Egos

Name Power source Greater Rarity Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3 Ability 4 Ability 5
Of sensing Arcane false 4 Increases ability to see invisible and stealthy creatures by (5-25) Increases infravision range by (3-6) Increases blind immunity by (20-50)%
Of clarity Psionic Forces false 4 Increases mental save by (5-15) Increases confusion immunity by (20-50)%
Of fire Arcane false 6 Increases Fire damage by (10-20)% Increases Fire resistance by (20-40)%
Of frost Arcane false 6 Increases Cold damage by (10-20)% Increases Cold resistance by (20-40)%
Of nature Nature false 6 Increases Nature damage by (10-20)% Increases Nature resistance by (20-40)%
Of lightning Nature false 6 Increases Lightning damage by (10-20)% Increases Lightning resistance by (20-40)%
Of light Arcane false 6 Increases Light damage by (10-20)% Increases Light resistance by (20-40)%
Of darkness Arcane false 6 Increases Darkness damage by (10-20)% Increases Darkness resistance by (20-40)%
Of corrosion Nature false 6 Increases Acid damage by (10-20)% Increases Acid resistance by (20-40)%
Of aether Arcane false 24 Increases Arcane damage by (10-20)% Increases Arcane resistance by (20-40)%
Of blight Arcane false 12 Increases Blight damage by (10-20)% Increases Blight resistance by (20-40)%
Of the mountain Nature false 24 Increases Physical damage by (10-20)% Increases Physical resistance by (20-40)%
Of the mind Psionic Forces false 12 Increases Mind damage by (10-20)% Increases Mind resistance by (20-40)%
Of time Arcane false 24 Increases Temporal damage by (10-20)% Increases Temporal resistance by (20-40)%
Savior's A Master false 10 Increases mental, physical and spell saves by (6-18)
Warrior's A Master false 7 Increases strength by (2-10) Increases armor by (4-20)
Rogue's A Master false 7 Increases cunning by (2-10) Increases defense by (4-20)
Marksman's A Master false 7 Increases dexterity by (2-10) Increases accuracy by (4-20)
Titan's Nature false 7 Increases constitution by (2-10) Increases physical save by (4-20)
Wizard's Arcane false 7 Increases magic by (2-10) Increases spell save by (4-20)
Psionicist's Psionic Forces false 7 Increases willpower by (2-10) Increases mental save by (4-20)
Mule's A Master false 7 Increases max encumbrance by (20-40) Reduces fatigue by (4-10)%
Of power Arcane false 4 Increases spell, physical and mind powers by (5-10)
Sneakthief's A Master true 12 Increases accuracy by (5-15) Increases dexterity and cunning by (4-10)
Gladiator's A Master true 12 Increases combat damage by (5-15) Increases strength and constitution by (4-10)
Conjurer's Arcane true 12 Increases spell power by (5-15) Increases magic and willpower by (4-8)
Solipsist's Psionic Forces true 12 Increases mind power by (5-15) Increases cunning and willpower by (4-8)
Pixie's Arcane true 12 Increases spell power by (5-15) Increases magic and cunning by (2-8)
Of tenacity A Master false 4 Increase maximum life by (20-50) Increase immunity to pinning, disarming and knockback by (20-50)%
Of perseverance A Master false 4 Regenerates (0.8-4.8) life Increase stun immunity by (20-50)%
Of arcana Arcane false 6 Regenerates (0.1-0.4) mana Increase silence immunity by (20-50)%
Of life Nature true 12 Increases maximum life by (40-100) Regenerates (0.5-2.0) life Increase healing mod by (10-30)%
Painweaver's A Master true 20 Increases combat damage, spell power and mind power by (5-20) Increase all damage by (4-8)%
Savage's A Master true 15 Increases constitution by (1-6) Increase spell save by (10-20) Increase maximum stamina by (10-40)
Treant's Nature true 15 Increases resistances to Nature and Blight by (5-10)% Increase immunity to poison and disease by (10-30)%
Of misery Psionic Forces true 20 Activates for talent Bleeding Edge, level (2-4), cooldown 20 On crit: regenerates (1-3) hate Melee and ranged attacks deals extra (5-25) Bleed damage and have (10-20)% chance to cause random gloom Increases cunning by (1-3) Increases maximum hate by (5-15)
Of warding Arcane true 30 Increases resistance to Acid, Fire, Lightning and Cold by (10-30)%
Of pilfering A Master true 15 Activates for talent Disengage, level 2, cooldown 10 Increases accuracy by (7-17) Increases armor penetration by (7-17) Increases defense by (7-17)
Of speed A Master true 40 Activates for talent Blinding Speed, level (2-4), cooldown 40 Increases movement speed by (10-25)% Increases accuracy by (5-15) Increases defense by (5-15)
Of blinding strikes Arcane true 30 Melee and ranged attacks have (10-35)% chance to blind