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This template is used to denote talent parameters that scale by the combatScale function.

The template accepts up to eight parameters, corresponding to those in the LUA code: x, y_low, x_low, y_high, x_high, power, add, shift. It is assumed that the first 6 parameters will be fed to the template in the order specified above.

The first 5 parameters are required, power must go into parameter 6 if it exists, while parameter 7 and 8 are open for add and shift to use.

Basic Example

The LUA code for the damage bonus of Berserker calls for

self:combatScale(self:getStr(7, true) * self:getTalentLevel(t), 5, 0, 40, 35)

which requires some interpretation of the first parameter to produce the following wiki markup

{{CS|(0.07 * Str * Talent Level)|5|0|40|35}}

and will in turn produce the following text

5–40cS as (0.07 * Str * Talent Level) varies from 0–35

Note that any percentage signs must be inserted manually with the parameters.

Be aware that since this template produces a rather long string of text, you may have to rewrite other parts of a talent's description in order to make the whole thing legible.