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This template is used to denote talent parameters that scale by the combatTalentLimit function.

The template accepts up to four parameters, corresponding to those in the LUA code: limit, low, high, raw. It is assumed that these parameters will be fed to the template in the order specified above.

The first three parameters are required, but the last one is optional.

Note that the LUA function also accepts another parameter for mastery. If an override value is provided for mastery, then it will have to be described by separate text and is not supported by this template.

Basic Example

If the LUA code calls for

self:combatTalentLimit(t, 10, 2, 5)

then one should invoke the template in wiki markup with


which will produce the following text


Note that any percentage signs must be inserted manually with the parameters.

Using Raw Talent Level

If the LUA code calls for using raw talent levels as

self:combatTalentLimit(t, 10, 2, 5, true)

then simply insert the text raw as the fourth parameter as follows


which will produce