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Discussion Thread

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Wyrmics are a defensive melee character with plenty of lot range ability. They use wild-gifts skill that use equilibrium for most of their skills which are not affected by fatigue. Their wild art skills deal decent damage but don't scale very well so you tend to find yours skill doing huge damage early game but only about an extra 100-200 damage by the end of the game. However almost all skill give a debuff and give you extra passive resist making them useful throughout the game. In this post I'll talk about the races,skills and prodigy and how they are helpful. Next post I'll talk about play styles.

Lets start with which races are helpful


  • Conac: 1/5 A wyrmic really doesn't need that extra category and without racial skills you will probably have extra generic points not doing anything.
  • Higher: 1/5 Thanks to the fungal arts tree you really shouldn't need an extra way regen or get equilibrium
  • Shalore: 3/5 Extra speed and critical hit is pretty nice. Timeless can help out against nasty effects but don't really combo well with any wyrmic skills.
  • Thalore: 5/5 Thaloren wrath scales with willpower and by the end of the game gives an extra 20% damage and damage reduction. It is very helpful for hard bosses. The third skill is an extra 20% blight resistance, 10% resist all, and disease immunity. Corruptors tend to be the hardest hitting enemies so that is extremely nice. The other skills are great too but I tend to only put 1 point in them.
  • Halfling: 3/5 All the racial skills are helpful but none scale with willpower. All wild-gifts skills are mind power so luck of little people doesn't help with that. Duck and dodge is very helpful with the luck prodigy.
  • Dwarf: 5/5 Dwarves start with all the right stats and have great hp growth. The first two racial skills are decent but not really worth putting more than one point each. Power of money is a great skill if you don't gamble all your money away. Stone walking is a great escape plan for times of trouble.
  • Yeek: 3/5 Surprisely not a bad combination. the first three racial skill are all pretty helpful. Though the start of a yeek wyrmic game will be very difficult.

Class Skill Trees

Technique/Two Handed Weapons

Wyrmics start with a 2handed weapon, I prefer 1handed and shield myself, but a 2handed build is still very viable. Death dance is a nice dealer just watch out for allies. Berserker is a amazing skill combined with ice armor you can avoid the -armor penalty and get huge boost to accuracy, physical power, and most importantly stun resist. Warshout combos perfectly with bellowing roar. You can use bellowing roar and 4 turns later use Warshout 6-8 turns later, use sand breath. This will turn even the most deadly enemies into a joke. I'm not a big fan of Death blow it seems a weaker version of swallow. My recommended point distribution 1/5/5/0.

Technique/Shield Offense

My preferred weapon tree, you get more defense and resist with this build. Shield Pummel deals okay damage but it stun the enemy which is very helpful. Riposte gives your enemy a debuff when you block, it allow you to deal double damage for 1-2 attacks. At level 4 riposte makes assault deal crazy damage. Overpowered is not all that helpful, I never really needed an enemy to be knockback. Assault is the bread and butter of a 1handed shield build. Deals shield damage and then 2 critical hits with your weapon. It will be your highest damage skill by far. With riposte and assault you can deal 900-1.5k damage. My recommended point distribution 1/4/1/1.

Technique/Combat Technique (locked)

This tree does not start unlocked, you need to spend a category point on it. It is a pretty useful tree, but I only get after I unlock higher dragonic, 1.3 fungal, and 4 infusions. Rush really helps with annoying spellcasters, but bellowing roar, sand breath, and lightning speed can all help you with them. Precise Strike increase you critical hit rate which helps with Wyrmic's damage. Perfect Strike helps with annoying enemies with high defense, but most those enemies have low hp so wild-gifts skills can deal with them. Blinding Speed is a great skill, extra speed can really helps with bosses. It can be hard to find the skill points to max blinding speed. My recommended point distribution 5/0/0/0 or 5/1/1/5.

Technique/Combat Veteran (locked)

Nothing in this tree is worth using your class points on. You won't use all that much stamina and the life regen is too small. The spell saves are nice but wyrmics already have high saves. Ignore it for better skills.

Wild-Gifts/Sand Drake Aspect

A very helpful tree that needs few skill points. Swallow deals extra damage and can swallow the enemy for extra hp and equilibrium, if their health is low enough. I don't think swallow is good enough to put points in but later in the game swallow is very helpful even at 1/5. Some enemies can survive past 0 life for a long time, swallow kills them instantly. Quake is another skill great a 1/5, it can shuffle the landscape which can take you from being surround to having cover and fighting 1 on 1. Burrow again is helpful at 1/5, you can destroy walls by walking into them. Again if you are surround you can make a tunnel and fight 1 on 1. Or if there is a hallway with mages on the other end, make a new path and sneak up on them. Sand breath is the best breath for wyrmics. It deals the most damage and blinds. Most enemies and bosses have low resistance to blind. While blind mages throw spells randomly, and it is hilarious seeing a corruptor kill its own allies. My recommended point distribution 1/1/1/5.

Wild-Gifts/Fire Drake Aspect

Bellowing Roar is one of the favorite skills. I rush to max it before level 10. It deals about ~200 damage the whole game. At a AOE range of 7 that will clear most the screen for the first half the game. Bellowing roar also confuses enemies, which is great against mages. I used bellowing roar almost every battle of the game. Bellowing roar followed by Corrosive mist will destroy most normal monsters in the game, allowing you to focus on elites/bosses/rares. The rest of the tree focuses purely on damage, but they aren't really worth putting points into. My recommended point distribution 5/0/0/0.

Wilds-Gifts/Ice Drake Aspect

Ice drake is pretty good tree that I can never seem to find points to put into it. Icy Claw deals high damage and can freeze at level 4. Icy Skin give a huge armor bonus and deals damage to the enemy on hit. Points in icy skin have diminishing returns but it still nice to boost. Icy Wall can buy you some time which can save your life. Icy Breath freezes enemies which is pretty nice, though many enemies have stun resist so that debuff will get resisted more than others. My recommended point distributions 4/4/1/5 or 1/2/0/0 if you can't afford the class points.

Wild-Gifts/Storm Drake Aspect

A pretty terrible tree. Lightning speed is a necessary skill, it either can be an escape or a poor man's rush. It is also nice for catching up to escort when they wander off. Get it to level 3 to get an extra turn and then forgot the tree. my recommended point distribution 3/0/0/0

Wild-Gifts/Venom Drake Aspect

This is a great skill tree. You could max the whole tree if you wanted but I don't because I couldn't spare the points. Acidic Spray is a missile spell that deals decent damage and has a chance to disarm. I don't think any can resist disarm, so that nice. At level 5 is becomes a line spells. Corrosive mist is another favorite of mine. At the end of the game is deals ~80 damage a turn for 12 turns in a radius of 5. Again this is no corrosive resist so it helps to damage your enemies in melee. Almost every combat I would use bellowing roar and then corrosive mist. I would max this before level 10. Dissolve is flurry's weaker cousin. You deal 4 hits at low nature damage but 2 (or 3?) of the hits can blind the enemy. Corrosive Breath is a great breath disarming your enemy and dealing ~250 damage end game. My recommended point distribution either 5/5/5/5 or 1/5/1/5 to save points

Wild-gifts/Higher Draconic Abilities (locked)

This skill tree starts locked, but I suggest unlocking at level 10. Prismatic slash is a decent skill. Maxed it deals ~210% damage and give a random debuff and then ~250 damage in a radius 4. If you got spare class points and want another damage skill this will do, otherwise just put 1 point in it. Venomous Breath is highest damaging breath by about 100 damage, but its deals damage over time. The debuff it gives lowers enemy healing about about 30-60% which can be helpful for bosses with annoying large healing/regen. It also requires the least amount of class points to get, out of any other breath. Wyrmic Guile is just a straight passive skill. It combines very well with berserker, with both skills max you can have stun immunity and huge boost physical power, accuracy, and critical hit rate. If you aren't putting points in berserker, then it isn't worth more than 1 point. Chromatic Fury is the whole reason to get this tree. At 5/5 it grants you 10% damage increase and 20% resistance penetration to all of your sources of damage including melee. That is huge increase to damage and help with any annoying high resistance monsters.

Generic Skill Trees

Technique/Combat Training

By the of the game your going to want this tree at 5/5/5/5/0. Quickly raise armor training, but the rest you can take them when you need them.

Wild-Gifts/Call of the Wild

Meditation lowers all of your damage by 50%, and this includes your summoned minion damage, so you should usually leave it off. Though early game it is helpful to turn on when your running from bosses and turn it off before you go back to fighting. Nature's Touch is a great skill. Even just 1 point in it makes your life easier. By the end of the game 1 point will heal ~300 hp and gains about 70-90 hp per extra point. One the best parts of the skill is you can use it on escorts which makes those quest much more bearable. Also a good strategy is to use meditation, since it doesn't cost a turn, then use nature's touch, then turn off meditation. Earth's eyes is not really worth putting points into unless you want the next skill. Nature's Balance can be a great skill for people that want a more magey wyrmic. Otherwise ignore it.

Wild-Gifts/Harmony (locked)

This tree starts locked but can be unlocked by completing the sand tunnels, so don't waste the category point. Water of life is a great 1 point wonder skill. Disease are deadly by the second half of the game. If not a thalore, you want a point in this skill. Elemental Harmony is a can be great random buff sustain. Luckily fire seems to be the most common elemental damage you will take. If you got the spare generic points max this skill. The rest of the tree is too niche to be worth your time for a wyrmic. Other skills can do their jobs better, ignore them.


This tree is what makes wyrmic so powerful. It allows you to have constant healing from regen infusions, while having them not take a turn to use them and give you -4 equilibrium a turn. Basically this tree solves any healing or equilibrium problems you might have. I suggest using your level 20 category point to make it even better, even if you are anti-magic which gives it another boost. Wild growth makes a regen infusion last another turn (you still get the same healing per turn). At 3/5 or 4/5 you can have 2 regen infusion on auto use and have constant healing the whole game. In fact try to get this skill to 3/5 by level 4, and take advantage of constant healing. Fungal Growth doesn't help if you have 2 regen infusion on auto use, just put 1 point it. Ancestral Life make your infusion not less of a turn to use and lowers your equilibrium while you are regaining hp. Max this ASAP. While it doesn't say this, the turn gain back does scale with mind power. With the tree at 1.4 and 104 willpower I was gaining 4% of a turn when I used an infusion. With the superpower prodigy it might be a decent way to gain turns. Sudden Growth with just one point this will be your most powerful healing spell.

Helpful Prodigies

  • Draconic Body - A helpful healing passive. It can turn an almost death moment to near full health combined with the constant healing of a regen infusion
  • Spell Feedback - Deals about ~300 damage to spellcaster by the end of the game. Because of wyrmic's high armor and regen, spellcaster tend to be the last threat to wyrmics.
  • Superpower - Extra mind power helps a lot of things for Wyrmic and the 30% willpower modifier on weapons can make you deal a lot more melee damage.
  • Corrupted Shell - An extra 150 hp is huge that probably more than an extra 12% of a normal end game hp with a dwarf wyrmic. It gives about an extra 21 saves at only 60 con, which with a dwarf or thalore you are likely never to get a debuff again. The extra 21 defense is just the cherry on top.
  • Windtouched Speed - An extra 15% global speed is always nice. A yeek wyrmic with elemental harmony and gaining turns from ancestral life could be a very deadly build.
  • Spine of the World - Always a helpful prodigy.
  • Craft Hands - If you got stone alchemy then get this prodigy.
  • Lucky Day - This is nice for Halfing wyrmics, the passive evasion gets you about 95% dodge.
  • Cauterize - Prevents you from dying but leaves you with low health. Since you recover hp very quickly that tends not to be a problem. Has a faster cool down than Draconic body.
  • Draconic Will - Prevents all debuffs, but it is an active skill. You could put it on auto-use on sight of an enemy and it would probably always be helpful. Shalore can increase the duration of this effect.