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ToME Version: 1.4.9

Affinity to an element causes you to heal when you take damage of that type. The heal amount is calculated before resistances and damage reduction apply, but applied after the damage instance is applied. This means that if you do not survive the damage, you won't get the healing. Note this means damage resistance and damage affinity synergize and are stronger together than they are individually.

For example: If you have 25% Affinity to Blight and 25% Blight Resistance, if you take an attack rated at 1000 blight damage, the following will actually take place:

  • You take 750 blight damage (1000 damage reduced by 25%).
  • If you have under 750 hp when you take this damage, you will simply die before any healing is applied.
  • But if you survive, 250 hp of healing is then applied.
  • The net result of 25% blight resistance and 25% blight affinity is that you are down 500 hp.

Since affinity is usually much harder to itemize for than resistance, a more common scenario is this: You have 25% affinity to blight and 70% resistance. You take an attack rated at 1000 blight damage.

  • You take 300 blight damage, which you survive.
  • You are then healed for 250 hp.
  • Net result: down 50 hp.

With a lot of resistance and some affinity on top of it, you can completely cancel out an attack. This is useful if you are certain what kind of damage you will face and can plan ahead (for instance, going into Sludgenest).

Also note if you have a damage shield, the shield will soak up the damage first (until it is depleted) while the healing will be applied directly to your health bar. This can be very valuable in a tight spot!