Atamathon the Giant Golem

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Atamathon the Giant Golem
Construct golem athamathon the giant golem.png
Game Version: 1.7.4
Location Level range
Golem Graveyard 70
This giant golem was constructed by the Halflings during the Pyre Wars to fight the orcs,

but was felled by Garkul the Devourer. Someone foolish has tried to reconstruct it, but has lost control of it,

and now it rampages in search of its original creators, who are long dead. Its body is made of marble,

its joints of solid voratun, and its eyes of purest ruby.

At over 40 feet tall, it towers above you, and its crimson orbs seem to glow with rage.

Base Statistics
Strength Dexterity Constitution Magic Willpower Cunning
35 10 30 30 10 8
Stat Progress
mag++ wil+ str++ dex+
Weapons Mastery (6+)
Golem Eye Beam (8+)
Golem Arcane Pull (8+)
Golem Reflective Skin (8+)
Golem Molten Skin (8+)
Golem Knockback (8+)
Golem Crush (8+)
Golem Pound (8+)
Rush (8+)
Prodigy: Irresistible Sun
Prodigy: Giant Leap

5 random Runes

  • Life: 25286 +
  • 80% Resist All
  • 360% all damage dealt
  • 70 Armor
  • 50 Defense

Located in Golem Graveyard, can be brought back to life using Atamathon's Lost Ruby Eye recovered from Corrupted Sand Wyrm.

As you insert the gem the golem starts to shake. All its systems and magics are reactivating.

Will use Irresistible Sun and Arcane Pull to suck you towards him, and then pound you to death with Pound and Crush.