Atamathon the Giant Golem

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Atamathon the Giant Golem
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Location Level range
Golem Graveyard 70
At over 40 feet high it towers above you, and its crimson orbs seem to glow with rage.
Base Statistics
Strength Dexterity Constitution Magic Willpower Cunning
88 79 35 88 77 13
Stat Progress
  • ~ 14,000 life (yes, 14 thousand)
  • 66 accuracy, 185 damage
  • Has a 365% All damage mod, 384% fire damage mod, 376% physical damage mode
  • 80% resist all
  • 100% resist to every effect, except for: Pinning (50%), Stun/Freeze (60%)
  • 90+ for ALL saves
  • 50 armor, 37 defense
  • Does 480 fire damage when he is hit
  • Talents: Arcane Pull (8), Combat Accuracy (6), Crush (8)
Eye Beam (8), Giant Leap (1), Irresistible Sun (1)
Knockback (8), Molten Skin (8), Pound (8)
Reflective Skin (8), Rush (8), Weapons Mastery (7)
Runes x5 (includes Acid Wave and Controlled Phase Door)

Located in Golem Graveyard, can be brought back to life using Atamathon's Lost Ruby Eye recovered from Corrupted Sand Wyrm.

As you insert the gem the golem starts to shake. All its systems and magics are reactivating.

Eye Beam and Acid Runes can do over 1500 damage apiece. Will use Irresistible Sun and Arcane Pull to suck you towards him, and then pound you to death with Pound and Crush.