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Guardian Borius
Floors 3
Level Range 12 to 35
Item Level Range 3 to 5
Size 50x50
Zone Effect none

The Bearscape is a zone that is sometimes spawned by developer DarkGod for users who are currently online. It is a forest as you might expect, full of bears. It has 2-4 levels.

The zone is inhabited by all manner of bears, including a very high amount of rare bears, which very frequently drop tier 5, red items. Being you can access this area at fairly low level, it's a great source for very strong loot at that stage of the game if you're lucky enough to be online with an appropriate level character when it's activated.

The boss is a massive bear, he drops a powerful artifact which when equipped and activated reduces all damage taken by -25% for 5 turns.

The zone has no exit originally; it appears after beating the boss. Note that the zone can only be entered once - the portal will remain on the map, but be inactive.


The zone's name is a parody of the Fearscape. It was originally created as a forum joke thread, before being implemented as a bonus feature.