Bone Giant

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One of the most horrific, vomit-inducing expressions of the necromancer's so-called "art" is the bone giant. Not content with merely profaning the bodies of singular souls, some ambitious necromancers work to bind the bodies of countless skeletons together, creating hideous engines of destruction that can stand many times higher than the height of a normal man.

It is a deadly mistake to liken these abominations to the golems alchemists and archmages employ. Wilful and fey as they are, normal mages often only craft golems for utility and their own protection, while necromancers create bone giants for the sole purpose of dealing death, and the only limit to their destructive capability is the necromancer's twisted imagination. Ever fought a snow giant? Imagine one with six arms and fingers like blades, wrought of sharpened ribs. Imagine one with countless skulls lining every inch of its wretched body, all screaming for your blood to be spilt as it thrashes spinal columns like whips from its disfigured hands! After facing one of these grotesque amalgamations, you'll be begging to go back to the Daikara to pick on simple, frost-rimed sub-men.