Command Line Arguments

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The t-engine executable supports several command-line arguments.

Argument Effect
-Mmodule Automatically load and run module instead of going to the boot menu
-uname Use name for the character name instead of prompting, and either load that character's saved game or create a new game with that name.
-n Force creating a new game, overwriting any previous saved game for the given character name
-Eargs Passes extra arguments to the game module (?)
--xpos x Create the game window at the given X coordinate
--ypos y Create the game window at the given Y coordinate
--flush-stdout Write to te4_log.txt immediately instead of buffering output. This facilitates debugging but can slow T-Engine4 down.
--no-debug Disables most output to te4_log.txt
--safe-mode Disables many graphical effects and reverts to minimal screen size and graphics settings
--home path Use the given directory instead of your default operating system home directory. T-Engine's settings and saved games will be saved in a subdirectory under this home directory, as described here. For example, this can be used to set up a separate directory for developing modules, with cheat enabled and with less "stuff" so it loads faster, without interfering with your regular ToME saved games.