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The following may be out of date.


Corruptors are spellcasters that deal damage over time with diseases, and instant damage with physical, blight, fire and/or acid damage. Using Pacification Hex to 'root' and silence your foes and load them up with other hexes or curses is a good technique against bosses and rare monsters, especially in the early goings. Another big challenge in early game is the lack of a stun, and when you gain access to Catalepsy your foe still requires a disease to be on them in order to stun them. It's also important to note that while Blood Fury increases your critical rate for all spells, the bonus damage buff received only applies to Blight and Acid damage.

The Blight and Shadowflame skill trees are equally interesting choices when it comes to middle to late game. Both scale impressively with added class or category points, with blight probably edging out on point-for-point gain especially when considering the sustain cost for Shadowflame's two top tier abilities 'Flame of Urh'Rok' and 'Fearscape' (90 each or 180 total with -5 vim per turn). The Blood tree also scales very well with added class points, increasing healing, radius, damage, crit rate, disease chance, and of course more damage.