Creating a standalone release

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Creating a standalone release allows people to play your game without having to download ToME, download your module, put it in the right place, etc. It also allows you to customize the boot module (which handles the startup screen and main menu) so that you can come up with something thematically appropriate for your module.

How to create a standalone release and how to create your own boot module:

  • Download as a base for the main menu.
  • Remove the boot module from game/engines/default/modules/boot*
  • Put your new boot module in place.
  • Edit or replace boot/data/gfx/background/ files with your own splash screen.
  • Edit boot/init.lua to give it a correct name, change the boot screen's startup background, etc. (This init.lua uses the same format as the one you created in Getting Started.)
  • Grab a copy of ToME. Inside, replace the boot module with yours the tome module with yours.