Destala's Scales

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Destala's Scales
Destalas scales.png Un-ID'ed name green dragon-scale cloak
Type armor / cloak
Power source Nature
Requirement -
Rarity Level range Cost Tier
240 20-30 200 3
Combat statistics
Base Power Uses Stat Damage Type APR Critical Armor Defense Fatigue
- - - - - - +10 -
Damage On Hit Changes Damage Damage Conversion Damage When Wearer Hit
- +15% Acid - -
Movement Speed Maximum Encumbrance Maximum Life Healing Mod
- - - -
Changes Resistances Changes Resistances Penetration
- +10% Acid
Changes Immunities -
Changes Stats +6 Cun
Abilities Talent mastery: +0.20 Wild-gift/Venom drake aspect

Talent on hit (nature): Acidic Spray (Talent Level 2, 10% chance)

Mindpower: +6

It can be used to activate talent Dissolve (Talent Level 2, costing 20 out of 20 power)

Description This cloack is made from the scales of an infamous Venom Drake that terrorized the country side towards the end of the Age of Dusk.

It was slain by a party led by Kestin Highfin, who had this cloak fashioned personally.