Draebor, the Imp

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Draebor, the Imp
Demon minor draebor the imp.png
Game Version: 1.7.3
Location Level range
Fearscape (Tannen) 35+
An intensely irritating git of a monster.
Base Statistics
Strength Dexterity Constitution Magic Willpower Cunning
20 15 20 25 10 35
Stat Progress
mag++ wil+
Summon (1) (cooldown extended by 10, summons 1 demon)
Flame (5-8) (cooldown reduced by 2)
Blood Grasp (5-8) (cooldown reduced by 4)
Wildfire (5-8)
Phase Door (2)
Curse of Vulnerability (5-8)
Bone Shield (3-5)
1 Manasurge Rune
2 random runes
  • Life: 2890 +
  • 50% fire resistance, 50% darkness resistance
  • 100% poison immune, 100% stun immune, 100% instakill immune, doesn't need to breathe
  • 100 mana regen, 10 life regen
  • Damage when hit (Melee): + (15-15) Fire

Draebor is an imp who leads the demon regiment in a specific Fearscape zone, an area of the Fearscape which the player can only access by refusing to give the Orb of Many Ways to Tannen (in which case Tannen swaps it out for a demonic fake instead). When he dies, a portal appears that allows you to escape the Fearscape.



  • Shifting Boots (25% chance)
  • OR a random unique item
  • 4 random high quality items