Dual Weapon Mastery (talent)

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Dual Weapon Mastery
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Game Version 1.5.2
Category Type Technique
Category Duelist
Requirements Lvl (0,1,2,3,4) Dex (12,14,16,18,20)
Use Mode Passive
Cost -
Range -
Cooldown -
Travel Speed -
Use Speed -
Description Your offhand weapon damage penalty is reduced to 37%. Up to 2.2 times a turn, you have a 15% chance to parry up to 5 damage (based on your offhand weapon damage) from a melee or ranged attack. The number of parries increases with your Cunning. (A fractional parry has a reduced chance to succeed.)

A successful parry reduces damage like armor (before any attack multipliers) and prevents critical strikes. It is difficult to parry attacks from unseen attackers and you cannot parry with a mindstar.