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Ego-items are items with special properties that make them more powerful than normal - for instance, an ego weapon can inflict fire damage on melee attacks, or an ego armor can inflict fire damage on enemies attacking you in melee. Ego-items are displayed in green color, which helps to tell them from ordinary objects.

The numerical value of the ego modifiers partially depends on the item's material - a high-material ego-item will have higher bonuses than a low-material one.

Some ego modifiers are 'greater' - they are more powerful and rarer than others or have more complex effects. Items with a greater ego modifier are displayed in light blue text.

A single item can have up to two ego modifiers, prefixal and suffixal - for example, you can find a 'flaming longsword of crippling'. If an item has two greater ego modifiers, it is displayed in purple text.

Lists of ego-items are in the following sections:

Egos on random artifacts and rare items can be rerolled at the Font of Sacrifice.