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Throughout the game, you will find items of various power. Most items require a player to equip it to be useful so that their abilities will be available. Some times have a cooldown time when they are equipped, so beware that you may not be able to use them immediately. Here is info on Items' Ego's and powers.

Equipment Slots

Item slots are limited. Players are limited to 15 for both their main and off set. However, the only difference between the two sets is what weapons and/or shields they are using. This means that a character can only benefit from equipping 13 items at the same time.

  • Head
  • Body (for armor)
  • Cloak (worn over armor)
  • Primary hand (main set / off set)
  • Secondary hand (main set / off set)
  • Primary hand ring
  • Secondary hand ring
  • Gloves / gauntlets
  • Waist (for belts)
  • Feet (for boots)
  • Light source
  • Charm / tool
  • Quiver

Charms, Unique Items, and Cooldowns

Using some items will cause others to enter a cooling down state, which are appropriately labeled. Anything that you "use" on the item, for example, Eden's Guile, Skullcracker, totems, wands, blinding speed on rings etc. can cause this, so read your items. Many unique items are self-powered, and will say something to that effect. This means you could use a shielding wand and Eden's Guile afterward, back to back, despite the wand putting other charms on cooldown.