Expedition journal entry (Daikara)

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part 1 of 5

Relle, Cornac Fighter & Expedition Captain

Nothing but hatchlings so far. Honestly, if this keeps up we won't have enough dragonhide to cover a dragon, let alone cover our losses. I've really spared no expense this time as well: Gorran is one of the finest rangers I know, and Sodelost... his prices are exorbitant, but then what else would you expect from those money-grubbing dwarven Thronesmen? I must admit I don't know much about Xann. The locals say there's no finer wyrmic in the area, and I admit she is something special in combat. Now, if only she could turn her draconic talents to FINDING some dragons!

part 2 of 5

Sodelost, Dwarf Rogue

Can't believe I agreed to this expedition. I suppose it's because I've known Relle for a while. We've crossed paths many times at Derth's trading post. I even gave her a special rate for my services. Sentimental fool! All it's got me is boots filled with snow and a light coinpurse. I still don't understand why these Kingdom types are so enamoured with drakeskin... makes superior armour they say. Pah! If you can't handle metal armour, what business do you have even wearing armour? Leather has about as much use as a halfling tied to a... noises up ahead, must stop writing.

part 3 of 5

Gorran, Cornac Archer

That snake. That addlepated beardling. That coin-hounding, blackhearted, stump-kneed dwarf! A scout he calls himself! The finest eyes of the Iron Throne, able to read the sign of the tavern in Last Hope from the tavern in Derth! Surely someone with such grandiose praise for his own eyesight would have spotted that cold drake waiting in ambush for us! Damnable thing, I'll be lucky if I can ever use my left arm again. I can't use my bow now ... I'm effectively dead wood to the team. I'm beginning to think that Sodelost has ulterior motives... I wouldn't put it past a dwarf to lead us up this forsaken mountain to die just so he could rifle through our pockets! I keep telling Relle, but she won't listen. The fool...

part 4 of 5

Relle, Cornac Fighter & Expedition Captain

Sodelost is dead, and so is Gorran. The former by Gorran's hand, the latter by my hand. Even in these wastes I cannot abide such an act of mutiny. I was aware of Gorran's anger ever since the drake attack, but I never dreamed he would turn on Sodelost like he did. He had taken my longsword as I slept the previous night, strode up to Sodelost, unheeding of I and Xann watching him, ran him through and laughed. Simply laughed. There was nothing for it; I wrenched my sword from his hand and brought it down on his neck. The commotion seems to have stirred up a nearby drake's nest, and now I fear we don't have the strength to repel a concentrated attack. We may have to abandon this expedition.

part 5 of 5

Xann, Shaloren Wyrmic (This entry was scrawled by an unsteady hand)

impudent fools treading upon dragon's ground. slaying my dear kin just for their skin they will pay they will pay. i called the drake, told it to be cunning, avoid the dwarf's gaze. i laughed as it bit into that ranger's arm ahaahaa. they're killing each other now, simple creatures, simple soft skinned creatures. not like dragons, so perfect, symbols of power, perfection... their captain still lives, but not for long. i will bring her to you to feast.

rantha i will see you soon